Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No two identical persons

If we are looking for the life partner, are we looking for who is identical to us? Say, both of us have same habit, same interests, same thought and the same language. It could help communication when using the same language. No obstacles on understanding each other if we have same thought all the time. Same habit and interests would make us as twins. Hey, is it another me? Is it good for us to love "ourselves"? Are we looking for "another half"?

In the most of the time, there are no two identical persons in a relationship. Does it mean that our life partners would be totally different from us? Two persons are from different worlds. Then it is hard for communication and mutual understanding. It is far more different to have mutual appreciation. What is the force to pull us together?


Anthony Kong said...

Probably you are asking the wrong question. Two persons form a relationship, and the relationships vary from one pair to another. Some persons seek comfort, familiarity in their relationship, so the pair may appear identical to onlooker. Some people looks for enrichment in their relationship, so they seek partner who complements their deficits. Yet some simply look for wealth or fame, they treat the relationship as a trade. Moreover, relationship is a dynamic thing, subject to maturity, personality, economic condition, health...

So, what sort of relationship you wanna have? If you can answer this one, you probably can answer the question you posted in blog.

Just a thought.

FlyingHorse said...

I seek a partner who complements their deficits, enriches each other and have fun.

I knew some guys seek his partner from playmates. Some girls seek her partner from soulmates. That's why I throw this question.