Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Promise is promise

One night I asked my friend for help. After a long discussion, there is no solution. He promised to take a look on the cause of the problem. However, when I met him, he had something to do and chit chat around. After a while, he disappeared. Oh no! He left me alone?! It sounds like his promise go in vain. Promise becomes just some soothing words.

Many friends and colleagues said that things always change. Our power is limited, many things are not under control. It is a promise today but may not be kept tomorrow. Why make such promise? What is promise?

Promise can be for others and also for ourselves. It appears before action. Before making promise, we always evaluate the feasibility. Nobody can be 100% sure before he makes promise. If it happens, why we need to make promise? From this point of view, promise is a clear declaration of will, to make something happen. It is expected to be a process of creation. It is what we want. We can have satisfaction, achievement when promise is kept. It gives us the feeling of safety. If we observe our society with our heart, we can find promises everywhere.

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