Friday, August 15, 2008

Communication between sexes

It is an interesting topic. I think almost nobody can avoid communication between sexes. There may be many fantasy when you start love affair with the one. However, someone finds that it becomes a nightmare when miscommunication is encountered.

Most of us think that girls are emotion-oriented. May do something emotionally. Make a decision emotionally. And even choose a guy emotionally. However, in the bottom of their heart, relationship, stability, fun are in the top priority. Feeling is basically a measurement of relationship. They normally have some closed friends always being together. They share everything by talking. Most of them think when they talk and then stop thinking when they don't talk. Of course, they would talk to themselves. When they talk, their feeling is released. Grieve is relieved. They feel comfortable after conversation is completed. You may think they are weak. However, you would find that their problems are not yet solved after talking. They can keep on going. Therefore, if they find a good listener, they can face any problem in daily life even without solving them.

Most of boys are classified as playing-oriented. They just love to play and bear less responsibility. In fact, boys and men are looking for satisfaction. They want to fight for something, build up something, or make an achievement. They need to tackle all the problems in different levels. It is just like hunters in the Stone Age. They need the real actions to solve all real problems. Feeling and emotion is unnecessary. Contrary, girls and women need to take care babies especially when the babies cannot talk to them. They must sense babies' feeling. Therefore they are sensitive to others' gesture, body movement and voice.

Then, when girls are talking to boys, boys don't know what girls need. Always go to solve the problem without taking care girls' feeling. Girls may think boys are rude because they don't know emotion or feeling sometimes is not in consideration for solving problem. This big difference of the need is caused by big difference between two perspectives. When they lost patience, the communication would break down. Hence, the first step is to bear in mind that everyone is not the same. He or she always don't think in a way like mine.

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