Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Unabsehbaren Folgen

[German] Die Angst vor einem Börsencrash und unabsehbaren Folgen für die Konjunktur hat Spitzenpolitiker weltweit zum Handeln getrieben

[English (My own translation)The fear of a stock market crash and unpredictable consequences for the economy has driven world leaders to action. 

  • Angst means anxiety or fear.
  • Börsen means stock exchange.
  • unabsehbaren means unforeseeable
    • absehbaren  means foreseeable
      • sehbaren means dictable
        • seh means see
  • Folgen means Follow, aftereffect and consequence

[German] Auch die Europäische Zentralbank und die Finanzminister der G7 kündigten rasches Handeln an

[English (My own translation)] In addition, the European Central Bank and the G7 finance ministers called for urgent action.

Past tense of the verb: (Wir/Sie) kündigten ... an
Present tense : ankündigen

It is one of examples of German separable prefix verbs. They can be compared to English verbs like "call up," "clear out" or "fill in." While in English you can say either "Clear out your drawers" or "Clear your drawers out," in German the separable prefix is almost always at the end, as in the second English example.

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