Monday, August 06, 2012

The Rise of Citizenship in Hong Kong

The plastic disaster has started after the six containers of plastic pellets had fallen in the sea during the typhoon. We, the Hong Kong citizens, have noticed it 11 days after the typhoon. The importance of this disaster is well recognized and expression of opinions is not enough. Action should be taken. It is because it is our Hong Kong. These are our beaches. We are living here. Hong Kong citizens should do something for the public goods of our society. Good citizenship should be like that.

2700 citizens responded to the calling for action and worked very hard to clean up the beaches in the last weekend. It is a long way to go  because  it is a huge amount of plastic pellets fallen in the sea and the beaches. We need to work hard.

Some would complain why we need to work like this after paying so much tax to the government. We may think in another way. Paying effort and paying tax is our contribution to the society. However, only paying money may not be enough to deal with disasters. Action should be done by citizens not by the money. Of course, in the long run, we can ask the government to adjust budget on cleaning and monitoring the beaches and the seashore.

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