Thursday, September 09, 2010

Freedom and Responsibility

If we want to protect our freedom of speech, please do not abuse it. We must be responsible to our speech such that it avoids a more strict regulation to be enforced. It is like investment institutions in United States. If they can hold their responsible to the investment, unnecessary risk can be avoided. The impact of financial tsunami can be avoided. The regulation of finance sector would not be strengthened. The freedom of investment institutions can be maintained. Recently, cyber-bullying happens all the time among Hong Kong teenagers. They think that it is part of their freedom of speech but they forget that it also violates the privacy of victum. They start to get used to attack other persons in foul language wherever they are. On the other hand, the media agencies keep to write news articles in senational approache even though they know it is not appropriate.

In fact, freedom and responsibility is in the same package. Why? Every person is born with equal rights including freedom of speech which is limited by law in a society, If the exercise of freedom causes conflicts, such conflicts must be resolved according to mutually agreed principles of justice. These principles of justice are normally presented in the form of laws and regulations. For example, if it is an emergency for a nation, much of the freedom of nationals is restricted. If the exercise of certain freedom violates the human rights, say living with respect, such exercise would be prohibited. Therefore, these regulations remind us our responsibilities.

My friend commented that this is idealism. Americans don't see it that way. For them, freedom is the biggest and nothing to do with responsibility. Responsibility is another issue.

I think that though most of americans don't see it in this way, it does not mean that their view is right. Freedom of speech should be protected until the exercise of it violates other principles of human rights. Recent there are many cases about cyber-bullying in Hong Kong. It is abuse of freedom of speech in certain sense.

He said, "yeah, it is not right. But in this world, the powered commands. Sadly, everything is not purely considered. Everythings is mixed with benefit and advantages......... Human rights is always a bargaining power for US to negotiate with other countries for commercial rights. "

Most of us try to interpret a nation to be a person. The behaviour of a nation is analogued to personal behaviour. In fact, it is not strictly appropriate. The outcomes or decision is obtained through a political process which is a competition among pressure groups and interest group especially in a nation where democractic system is deployed. For the US pigeons, human rights are good for 'preaching'. For the US eagles, human rights are for bargaining power. When it is republicans' administration, the eagles win, otherwise, the pigeons win. I hope the democrats can fix the problems created by the republicans.

(Chinese Version of "Freedom and Responsibility")

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