Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Scoring is administration

Do you hate scoring and marking? Do know what should be done before it? Yes, creating a marking scheme is the crucial task. A good marking scheme can help us to give marks for any possible student answers without violation of fairness. It helps us to categorize answers according to its semantics and syntax. It sounds like law and regulation which helps us to handle any possible cases by taxonomy and procedures. It also follows the principle of justice and fairness. Law to lawyer, rule-based program to processor. Before marking, we need to plan the marking scheme, to organize materials, to use some methodologies or tools, to control the quality of scoring and to have a time-budgeting.

For administration, we also need planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling and budgeting. Plan what we should do, how we should do, who should do and when we should do. Assign responsibility to posts and organization. Put these rules on the policy. Then, find right candidates to fill the posts. Direct or motivate them to do. Monitor performance and control the quality of work. Finally, budgeting is a periodic task for future resource allocation. Both administration and scoring share a similar model.

In fact, as the environment is changing fast, administrators need to adapt it fast. Administration is not an easy job.

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