Friday, September 23, 2011

Lamb of Red Castle

When you believe in that most of things in your life do not change
When you do not notice that there are big changes
It would come out with a big impact to your life
You may suggest that they are in the appropriate range
You may eventually know that it is strange

When you think it is the limit of development of your old school
When you think that the design isn't cool
It would give you a ding sound in your mind
They would break down the historical building as a fool
They would fit a new building in the loo.

Red castle is its nickname
Its function is to produce lambs
It works like factories
And provides you lots of laboratories

Castle grows bigger
And buildings are greener
We may grow older
But old school still looks younger

It may not give you a vision
It may not give you satisfaction
Because your road depends on your imagination
And the mind of determination

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