Wednesday, June 06, 2007

As I am willing to pay

As I am willing to pay, I would try my best. As I try my best, I will know my power and ability. The more I do, the more I know myself. The main point is that I need to have self-consciousness. I need to ask myself. The more I express myself, I can either improve myself and the relationship.

Much of the time, I know the priority of career, friendship, relationship, family and health. All I need to handle in parallel and in balance. Once there is a chance or emergency, I have to be honest to myself and the one next to me.

Communication is important among friends. It is not just for delivery of message and feelings. It also create trust and relationship. It could be shy for someone and sometimes for me. In fact, it need practice even though you are talkative. A talkative person does not mean who has the right skills to deliver the message and feeling correctly. Sometimes, it would just create noise instead of voice. Everyone lives in different culture. They interpret the same thing differently.

We could improve ourselves in the process of study and understanding. The more you care and understand, the more you know yourself. The communication between intimates should reach the bottom of heart and cover the all topics of our lives. It reaches to the deep feeling. It creates joy, harmony and trust. Thus we can grow up as the relationship grows. Finally, make us complete.

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